Msichana Initiative Program

According to 2017 Human Right Watch report indicate that More than 40% of Tanzania’s adolescents are left out of quality lower-secondary education despite the government’s positive decision to make lower-secondary education free with 22 percent of the 2016-2017 budget allocated for education. Research has shown that factors within the schools are not the only cause of gender imbalances in education program but also home based factors which include family size, household income, parents’ education and cultural and traditional beliefs, all described factors contribute substantially to poor female enrollment and development. Extracurricular and out of school factors play a big role in female education. Long distances from school, sexual harassment by classmates, teachers and males in the community and inefficient use of her time contribute in making poor attendance in school.
On MSICHANA Initiative project aimed promote the well being of girls within and out school to reach their full potential by increase self esteem literacy, introduce self space programming to girls, improve school attendance and empowerment through introducing IGA’s within selected ward of Nyamatongo.  This Project reach and engage total of 200 girls within school and 105 girls outside school. Out of school girls are reached through safe spaces training, open community meetings, direct on site visit and training within the project scope.