Fadhili is a Swahili word, means – the quality or state of taking an active interest in the welfare of others, friendly and helpful act of favor.
Fadhili teens Tanzania is a registered entity under Tanzania non-Government organization act, founded in 2007 and got its registration on 2008 with registration number 00NGO/00002543.
 With the initiative of the most vulnerable groups of the children and youth, in order to respond to various problems that derived from the social, economic and political matters in general, with special focus to the children and youth who seem to be the most victims on psychological issues such as traumatized, stress, self harm, depression, anger issues, stigma, adolescence and others socio-economic as well as political challenges. We ensure to bring hope and peace in life of children and youth by changing their mind set into positive perception through counseling, capacity building in cognitive

Fadhili teens Tanzania has similar beliefs to those of which it was initially founded. These include issues related to movement, livelihoods, youth empowerment and children’s rights, injustice and market exploitation. It is Fadhili teens Tanzania’s perception that poverty is created by many interconnected and interdependent problems. We believes that the bonds between these problems can only be broken by changing the mindset of these groups and development made truly sustainable by addressing the problems actively and simultaneously. Most NGOs have chosen to focus their proficiency in one or two areas but Fadhili teens Tanzania has retained its emphasis on the holistic approach. We believe it must work in all sectors of the development context to be effective and sustainable. Furthermore, We also believe that the community will only and truly embrace development if they themselves identify their needs and lead the process of change. FTT takes a very strong stand against corruption and bribery. It is not open to either giving or receiving bribes. FTT’s stand in this area is now widely recognized in the community. WE encourages other organizations to follow its lead.